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QIG make significant investment in Homelike 

This strategic partnership marks an exciting step in our commitment to propelling the hospitality accommodation sector forward


Homelike, an established prop-tech company has partnered with us at QIG, an expert hospitality investment group. QIG identified Homelike as an ideal prop-tech company due to its advanced technology, market presence, and user experience. The goal is to drive the industry forward. With a significant investment from QIG, Homelike aims to dominate the global mid-to-long stay market.

The partnership begins with a merger between Homelike and Q Global Network (QGN), leveraging Homelike's success in the B2C market and Q Global Network's strength in the B2B sector. Homelike's tech-driven approach and exceptional user journey set it apart in the industry. They are revolutionising the booking experience by addressing challenges such as complicated processes, availability transparency, and pricing clarity.

QIG's investment is expected to drive growth and profitability for Homelike, enabling them to provide a better experience for people booking flexible rentals worldwide and propel the industry forward.


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